Minitab 17 Single User for Windows

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Minitab Statistical Software gives you the tools you need to analyze your data and make informed decisions about how to improve your business. Its power and ease of use make it the leading package used for quality improvement and statistics education worldwide.

Minitab 17 contains many new enhancements. Highlights include:

  • The Assistant
    • Minitab 16 introduced the Assistant, an interactive menu that guides you through your entire analysis and helps you interpret and communicate your results. It put the power of statistics into the hands of anyone who needed to analyze data. In Minitab 17 we expanded the Assistant's reach to include two new analyses: DOE and Multiple Regression. And we increased the support available in Graphical Analysis by improving the interface and adding comprehensive reports. Minitab 17's Assistant also includes enhancements for the statistics it began covering in Minitab 16: Measurement Systems Analysis, Capability Analysis, Hypothesis Tests, and Control Charts.
  • Regression and ANOVA- Minitab 17 strengthens your ability to explore relationships between variables, with new features and improved workflow for regression, binary logistic regression and ANOVA.
    • Quickly specify model terms using a new interface.
    • Instantly identify important variables using automatic model selection.
    • Visually explore your results with more graphics.
    • Find optimal settings with response optimizer.
  • DOE- We enhanced DOE in Minitab 17 so you can more effectively determine which factors and interactions affect your processes.
    • Automatic model selection is now available for factorial and response surface designs.
    • You can apply the response optimizer to general factorial designs.
    • You can include categorical factors in your response surface designs.
  • New and Improved Statistics- Minitab 17 gives you greater analytical power with new and enhanced tools.
    • Bubble Plot
      • Graph three or four variables in a two-dimensional space by plotting the X and Y variables, with bubble size representing the third variable.
    • Poisson Regression
      • Investigate relationships between variables when the response describes counts, such as the number of machine failures or caesarean sections at a hospital.
    • Outlier Tests
      • Use Grubbs’ and Dixon’s Tests to detect an outlier in a dataset.
    • Stability Studies
      • Analyze the stability of a product over time and determine its shelf life. For example, a pharmaceutical company can study the relationship between drug concentration and time across different batches.
    • Equivalence Testing
      • Determine whether the means for product or process measurements are close enough to be considered equivalent.
    • Updated Graphics
      • We refreshed the entire look of our graphs by modernizing the color palette, updating the fonts, and more. Now you have even greater opportunity to create clear and impressive presentations.
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